16 марта 2015 г.

We Need No Education

We study everything out there to get into the system and be average overall. But extraordinary people always know something especially good and may fall behind in other aspects.

But there is still some minimum knowledge you better know to understand the world.
We should be able to find answers for our questions.
Why things went this way, why that situation happened?

We don't have to know everything but we should know how to capitalise our abilities and how to find information we need while filtering unnecessary data.

Be surrounded by people who motivate or inspire you. And if you have to be with someone you don't like that much, you still should realize that they are better than you some way. Observe and learn.

Filter information. You don't need to know everyday-life of celebrities. Search for their appearance advices, style or works but no personal life.
Make good habits. The study says if you force yourself for 30-50 days the habit will be developed naturally! Yay!
Healthy lifestyle is a must overall. Diet, sport and brain-training!
And do not follow all the rules and advice: people are different.
I'm really productive after 12pm and can't do anything about it!

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