6 марта 2015 г.

Best Places in Russia

There are huge amount of articles in the internet, in magazines and newspapers about things you should try or do before your life ends. Sometimes these thing are ridiculous, sometimes they're totally illegal. Every Friday we will tell you about things that are worth to try. In our opinion, of course.

This time it will be something you probably have never wanted to try in your entire life. And yes, I'm talking about visiting Russia. This is a country with really interesting history, old beautiful buildings, amazing forests and rivers.

But I don't want to be boring as hell so I will tell you about places in Russia which probably you'd like the most.

(All original photos belong to their respective owners and are being used to show the beauty of nature and sights)

 1. Orda Cave (Ordinskaya cave), Permskiy kray
One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. Unfortunately, I haven't visited this place yet but I really want to. People who like spend their holidays actively (I mean not just chilling in a pool) definitely should check this cave out.

2. Saint Petersburg.
You can spend whole weeks in this city but I'm not sure you can see ALL of the amazing buildings, masterpieces of art and interesting places. I couldn't choose something you should see primarily because everything in this place is a “must-see”. Russian Europe.


3. Tsaritsyno, Moscow.
If you love feeling calm and peaceful and you don't like crowds of people, this place is a perfect choice. Sure, there are people. You just don't see them around. Your inner connoisseurs of beauty (I'm not sure people still say that) will be really pleased by everything you see. My personal suggestion is visiting this place late in the afternoon closer to dusk. Thank me later.

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