12 марта 2015 г.

How to survive a zombie apocalypse

I like movies about zombies so much even if they are stupid and non-realistic. A couple days ago I re-watched “Zombieland” and thought “What would I do if a zombie apocalypse was real?”

1. Panic.
No matter how mature, brutal and brave you are there is no chance for you not to be scared of this situation. In every emergency EVERYONE panics at least for a second. So the main thing you should do is calm down. If you're not – you would probably be eaten by zombies. Not cool, right?

2. Find your family (relatives, close friends).
If you love them you would probably call them and try to find where they are at the moment. Actually, your family should have one or two places where you can meet each other if you're not together and can not meet at home. It can relate to other types of emergencies by the way.

3. Decide for yourself who you are: a loner or a team person.
This part is really important. Some people can build a great unstoppable team which can survive in all situations. But always remember that people can betray you. Other people do everything alone and can be good survivors too because they only need to look after themselves. But sometimes other people can save your life. It's only your choice. 

4. Supplies is your main problem.
When you understand that you, honey, have a really BIG problem, everything that should be in your mind is the supplies. The earlier you understand that the easier it'd be to find them. This is a list of the supplies you need the most:
  • water in the bottles;
  • canned food;
  • medications and first aid supplies;
  • soap and other hygiene stuff;
  • documents and copies of them;
  • clothes (only basic and comfortable clothes);
  • blankets or sleeping bag;
  • tools (like flashlights, duct tape etc)
I must add that all products from the list shouldn't be bought in big stores because you are not the only smart one who thinks about visiting this type of shops. A lot of people will forget about moral and rules so I don't think you want to meet them. And don't visit gun shops. Just don't.

5. Stay at home (or at least close to).
Yes. This is so simple. You know everything about your house so staying at home is the best way to survive the zombie apocalypse.

As a conclusion I want to say that even among zombies you should be afraid of people. You can understand zombies but you will never understand human nature. Be safe.

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