10 марта 2015 г.

Russian Music You've Never Heard of

If you are interested in Russian music you may heard some names like:

Sexy high-pitch singer Vitas

Controversial image t.A.T.u.
Sexy VIA Gra

...but we want to introduce you some great indie music (in no particular order). Though lots of the songs are in English they are still amazing 

1) Mana Island

5-member pop band from Moscow, Russia

Official Facebook
Songs of my choice: Lash, Border Line, Waters Run Deep, Beauty Spot

2) Pompeya

A 4-member band based in Moscow, Russia. Their music is a mix of 70s Disco, 80s New Wave, and 90s Pop-rock. 

Songs of my choice: 90, Power, Slow

3) On-the-Go

A 5-member indie pop-rock band from Tolyatti (Толльяти) now based in Moscow, Russia. Their started with dance-rock now switched to indie-pop.
Official Site
Songs of my choice: Sirens, Fall Asleep, Not Enough Hope, In the Wind, Crumpled Memories

4) Therr Maitz

A 6-piece indie band with a leading frontman Anton Belyaev. The band mixes up different styles like trip-hop, acid jazz, breakbeat, house, disco, funk and pop.

Songs of My Choice: It Goez On, Make it Last, Ты вернешься когда-нибудь снова

5) Hospital

A 4-piece rock band from Russia.
Listen more: @SoundCloud
Official Facebook
Songs of My Choice: Hard'n'Heavy, Time Will Tell

6) Weloveyouwinona

A 4-member indie-rock brit-rock band from Moscow, Russia.
Official Facebook
Songs of My Choice: Feel a Little Better, Sadness Season

7) Everything is Made in China (EIMIC)  (ouch!) 

A 3-member indie band that mixes shoegazing, post-rock, indietronic and ambient styles.

Official Site
Songs of My Choice: Moving Fragments, Gentle Silence, Buy 4 Take One Free, After Rock, Echoes, В Рейс

8) Parks, Squares and Alleys

A 4-piece dream-pop band originally from Khabarovsk now based in Moscow.
More at: @Soundcloud
Bandcamp Official
Songs of My Choice: Forest

9) Young and Dramatic

A 4-member band without any videos for now.
Check them: @SoundCloud
Official Facebook
Songs of My Choice: Never, Lost, You, Arrivals/Departures

Conclusion: As you have noticed our selection was limited by only male-vocals and not-that-popular bands. Please, support them and buy their songs at itunes!


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