2 марта 2015 г.

Success or suck-cess

Hello, World!

We are the Averangers.

To be honest, we start this blog without any particular idea in our minds.

 Why? We thought it will be cool to share all our ideas and everything that make a person more interesting and flexible. Can we make it? Let's see, we're aiming for a process!
 What? We are from Russia and we may unveil you lots of stereotypes that are absolutely false. We'll suggest you all the best sources we use to live a fuller life.
 W..what?! It's so trivial to follow a template, right?

Life is too short to be average!

You may hit it big being outstanding any way or
you may be a bad example for others not to follow, but it's boring to be average and to conform to unwritten rules.

Why are we watching movies and reading books? We can also obtain some experience while calmly surfing the Web.

Every person has a story to tell.
Every person is an unwritten book.

We're not average, though we no rangers,
Let's learn some more with us,

the Averangers

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