2 апреля 2015 г.

So.. Cinderella (2015)

I don't like girlish fairy stories, but I give "Cinderella" a try and actually it was kind of good! Or maybe my expectations were way too low. Anyway, I really liked it!

-Fairy-like but not too cheezy,
-Helen Bonham Carter and Kate Blanchett are great as usual,
-The prince is manly handsome,
-The father was also good.

What I didn't like is what I never liked since Disney Animation
-How come in the whole kingdom there's no one with the same shoe size? Let it be magic, okay..
-and... I'm not being racist at all but overdoing the non-racist concept is somewhat highlighting the issue (no? ya don't think so? ok, the world is working like this nowadays)
This way with Brandy it is more logical and also beautiful

And on the side note
Have you ever heard of the original?
Where the step-sisters cut their foot? And where the Cinderella killed her mother?

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