2 марта 2015 г.

Real Russian Citizens [no vodka and bears]

Hello, World!

or Привет, Мир!

This week we are going to talk about our homeland, the Great Russian Federation or just

And we're dedicating every Monday to the best form of arts!Let me present you #what_the_art!And yep, in Russia weeks start on Monday!

It’s hard to be well accepted by everyone, and there are nations with different customs and traditions. But everywhere there are people who stand out. They are being themselves, not being intentionally fashionable.

Let’s immerse into the world of REAL MOSCOW FASHION. People who are not afraid to look the way they look.
So Average!
It's Getting Better
So Good...
"Hand-made 4ever!"
Sweet Smell...Well........

My personal favourite:
The capture: Your man is full of jealousy, but you dream of posing on subway-podium? A gold cage is a great compromise. Sophisticated golden ornateness, grace and elegance. "I wish I had such caged FireBird!" is all that may come to mind of defeated men. 

There are great witty captures in Russian if you are learning language!
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