4 апреля 2016 г.

Planning is a key

Monday is hard but a lot of people think that their “new life” have to start on Monday. I’m one of these people and I can’t help it. So today is my new beginning (the millionth one). But this time I decided to add one thing that can help me. At least I hope it can. This thing is called planning.

The word “planning” sounds like a boring adult word and I don’t want to hear it to as much as you. But planning can help me and you make our lives easier. We’re all always trying to do a lot of things at the same time. Can you remind me how many things we actually completed? The amount of them is small.

Anyway couple of weeks ago I started to make little plans concerning to my work. And everything changed. Like really changed. I started doing everything faster and everything I had done had a really good quality.

So I decided to use plans in my life on a daily basis. And it helped me to spend more time doing things I like and interested in.

This post is really short and probably for most of you has no sense but if somebody find in my words something useful and inspiring I’ll be the happiest person.
Thanks for your attention and have an amazing day.

Good luck,

Nat xx  

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